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Being a landlord can be very rewarding. However, there are many obligations and responsibilities maintaining a proper landlord-tenant relationship.

Consulting with a landlord’s rights attorney throughout all stages of your landlord-tenant relationship can help you steer clear of common problems landlords face and avoid mistakes, which can lead to legal liability, property damage, and costly expenses.

Rob works with landlords to make sure they understand what their responsibilities are under the law and the use of best practices, including drafting a written lease agreement that clearly spells out the landlord-tenant relationship, collecting and properly maintaining a tenant’s security deposit, and using pre-move-in and post-move-out walk-through inspections to identify the condition of a rental unit and prevent later disputes over damages to a unit.

Rob also advises landlords about their obligations to maintain their landlord-tenant relationships. This includes ensuring that adequate heating, plumbing, electricity, and security locks on doors are in good working order, properly making repairs to rental units, and advising landlords of best practices of entering into a tenant’s unit as permitted by law.

Should you need to end your landlord-tenant relationship, Rob assists and advises landlords of the proper way to terminate a tenant’s tenancy. In some cases, Rob can negotiate with your tenants for a mutual return of possession of your rental unit without going to court. In other cases, Rob can help you prepare the proper statutory notice necessary to terminate your tenant’s tenancy and initiate an unlawful detainer, also called an eviction lawsuit, to regain possession of your property.  Landlords are required to comply with strict statutory requirements in the preparation of termination notices and conducting eviction proceedings. Mistakes in the eviction process could cause costly delays and legal expenses. Rob can help you navigate through all the necessary requirements so you do not have to go through the eviction process alone.

Common FAQs about Law Office of Robert M. Wells Eviction Services

Our office presently handles evictions in all cities within Solano, Contra Costa and Napa Counties, including the following cities: Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield, Vacaville, Rio Vista, American Canyon, Napa, Antioch, Bay Point, Pittsburg, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, Martinez, Richmond, and El Cerrito.

Technically no, in many cases you can represent yourself in court. However, for many of the landlords that come through my office, it is more cost efficient to hire an experienced landlord’s attorney to perform an eviction. In many cases where new clients have started evictions on their own, they go to an attorney when things go wrong in the eviction process.

In many cases, these landlords end up paying more money for fixing mistakes and would have saved money by hiring an experienced landlord’s attorney to perform the eviction properly.

Some of the most costly mistakes we come across are: defects in tenancy termination notices or how a complaint is prepared. Little mistakes in the paperwork can cause delays with obtaining relief or even worse, you may be forced to start the whole eviction process over again. This not only costs you money spent on court fees but it costs you additional time to regain possession of your property.

In many cases, a day lost in regaining possession of your property translates into a day of lost rent. Factor in your time spent to take time off from work and the stress of having to deal with your eviction by yourself, it’s usually easier to hire an experience landlord’s attorney to manage the process for you!

No. At our office we know you have better things to do than spend time after work or away from your family for our office to assist you with your eviction matter.

Our legal staff can take down all the required information we need over the phone or give you an interactive eviction intake sheet to complete at your own leisure.

We can also collect necessary documents from you such as your rental agreement by uploading them into our intake sheets or by emailing them to our office. Attorney client agreements and retainer arrangements can also be handled online within the convenience of your home or office as well.

Once you become a client of our office, you can relax as we take over all the paperwork of the eviction for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our office takes care of giving your tenants all required termination notices, and preparing all the court paperwork necessary to complete the eviction process.

You will not have to be in contact with your tenants during the eviction process until you have to go to court if your tenant files a response to your eviction complaint and to meet the Sheriff at your property once the eviction process is completed. Our office will provide you all the necessary details of what we need you to do during this time so you don’t have to go through the eviction process alone.

Under normal circumstances, from filing the complaint to sheriff’s lockout, evictions can take as little as 2-3 weeks if your tenant(s) do not respond to the complaint, up to 6 weeks to complete if the tenant(s) file a response with the court. The average time however is about 4 weeks.

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