Why Are You Driving to Your Tenant’s Residence to Pick Up Rent?

I’ve never understood why landlords go to their tenants’ residences to collect rent. The responses I get vary from “I won’t be the first to get paid if I don’t go” to “My tenants always claim their checks get lost in the mail.” But here’s the bottom line—unless you particularly love going to see your […]

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Playing the Landlord-Tenant Habitability Game: Dealing with Tenant Repairs while Rent Is Due

This is probably one of the most stressful conversations I have with property owners and landlords—individuals and property managers alike. Your tenant is complaining about mice, a broken sink, the light switches not working, mold growth, and a whole laundry list of items. These complaints might be occurring way before an eviction has ever started, […]

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Why You Should Never Leave PG&E in Your Name for a Rental

Probably one of the biggest complaints I’ve been getting recently from landlords is that their tenants are running their electricity and gas all day and all night, and the landlord is getting a crazy PG&E bill. The typical question I get is how to force a tenant to pay the bill. Even worse, some landlords […]

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Dealing with Abandoned Vehicles on Your Rental Property after an Eviction

Several times, I’ve come across the situation of abandoned vehicles on rental property. Typically, this scenario arises after an eviction and a sheriff’s lockout, and the landlord finds a broken down vehicle in a garage or on the side of the building. I have gotten frantic calls from landlords and property managers about what to […]

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Don’t Give the IRS Money Just to Avoid Paying an Attorney to Draft an Estate Plan

A lot of people come into my office and ask me if they should transfer their real estate into their kid’s name while they are still living. Here is the typical reason they give for wanting to do that: If my child goes on the title to the property, (1) I save money by not […]

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You Have No Business Demanding Rent When You Don’t Know What Is Owed

Probably one of the biggest problems we face in our office when dealing with landlord evictions are landlords that do not keep good records of how much rent has been collected and what is actually due. These landlords come to me, frustrated that their tenants are months behind in rent and causing all kinds of […]

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Why Don’t You Have a Tenant Belongings Disclosure in Your Termination Notice?

I still keep seeing older 30-day and 60-day termination of tenancy notices being circulated. I don’t know if it’s because these old forms are still on the Internet, but I do know that I’ve had very disappointed landlords come into my office with these old notices. I have to tell them that we will have […]

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Must I Name an Individual to Accept Rent in a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit?

“On a three-day notice to pay rent or quit, is it sufficient for a property management company to name itself without designating an actual person to collect the rent demanded?” I had this question come up recently in a property management meeting about what is required in a three-day notice to pay rent or quit. […]

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Can a Landlord Evict a Residential Tenant for Failing to Maintain Renter’s Insurance?

I have been getting this question over and over again about requiring residential tenants to get and maintain renter’s insurance. We go back and forth on this topic at the Board of Realtors. Here’s a case that could dampen the mood on this insurance issue, at least concerning whether you will be able to evict […]

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Allowing Family and Loved Ones to Live in Property Named in a Trust

More and more trust documents are being created due to an aging population. I’m seeing increasing problems administering trusts with provisions that allow family and loved ones to reside in a property included in the trust.

Problems that commonly occur are payment of home expenses, exclusive possession of the premises, and downright disagreements among the beneficiaries […]

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